Sautanz in general

Despite the early hour, about 25 people are gathered in the courtyard of Gut Purbach.

Spellbound and expectantly silent, they watch as the pig is led into the yard by the master butcher. It’s six o'clock in the morning, night has not yet given way to day, it’s pitch dark and smells of fire, wood and fresh snow.

The butcher's gun pops, and the sow immediately falls to the ground, stunned. Quick as a flash, the butcher slits her throat. A young woman with a bucket jumps over and catches the blood that shoots thick and red from the pig's neck. The animal twitches briefly, then lies still. The audience first breathes a sigh of relief, then they cheer: the Sautanz (sow dance) has begun!

Soon there will be very fresh, pan-seared liver, with it’s slightly earthy-nutty flavor and aroma of a warm summer’s day thanks to the marjoram; fresh greaves, burning hot, crispy and salty, with a flavour as if someone had compressed an entire roast pork into the size of a cherry; bratwursts, from which the hot, spicy juice spurts out when cut open. And finally, the fresh pork belly, dripping with fat yet crispy, redolent of roast meat and sweet garlic and caraway, and braised until so soft it can be eaten with a spoon.

Aktuelle Sautanz-Termine

DATE SATURDAY, March 5th 2022
DRESSCODE Dress warm! Most of the Sautanz takes place outdoors!
PRICE € 155,00 per person

Information about the Sautanz at Gut Purbach



Relax and enjoy the Sautanz (the pig dance!),
have a chat or philosophise with your host,
the farmer, or the people sitting next to you. 

We also offer the chance to spend the night at Gut Purbach or one of our partner establishments.

Friday, March 4th 2022
7 PM SAUTRANK (pig drink!)
Pig’s fodder served in 5 courses
What does a Mangalitza sow eat?
How did it grow up, did it have a name?
A conversation with the farmer, guests and cook.
Everything that goes with it 
Recovery in bed


Saturday, March 5th 2022
7 AM
Pannonian breakfast

8 AM – Sleep


Sunday, March 6th 2022
Pannonian breakfast


In a double room: € 480,00 per person
1 Sautanz Box to take home included 

In the Suite Burgenland: € 580,00 per person
1 Sautanz Box to take home included 

In the Country House: € 690,00 per person
1 Sautanz Box to take home included


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Sautanz Book

Every winter, the "Sautanz" (literally, sow dance) is celebrated at Gut Purbach. Top chef Max Stiegl has been inviting guests to his restaurant in Burgenland for over ten years to this traditional winter-time slaughter festival, where a pig is slaughtered and every part of the animal is cooked. Gourmets from all over Europe travel to this event.

Nothing is thrown away, the entire animal is eaten - because meat is far too valuable to be wasted and respect for the animal demands that everything be used: from the snout to the curly tail. In this book, Stiegl brings together the best recipes from the Sautanz for the first time. For all those who love to cook and know: there’s no such thing as a bad part of an animal.

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